Blackhead Remover

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  • Description:

  • Do you hate removing blackheads because you find it so time-consuming and difficult?
    The powerful suction technology in this device helps save you time and getting your hands dirty with its easy to use and straight-forward design. You’ll never have to ruin your nails, or worry about damaging your skin with this tool.




    With one simple press of a button, you can easily choose different modes to help better its performance, and watch as it sucks away unwanted dirt, excess oil, bacteria, whiteheads and blackheads in a matter of seconds!




    Clean-up has never been so easy with this simple yet effective device! Take it with you while traveling - perfectly convenient to fit inside your purse or bag!

  • Features:
    - Brand: Hailicare
    - Material: Plastic
    - Battery: Rechargeable USB port