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This muscle and body roller is a handheld device that helps to smoothen and buff away cellulite while easing muscle pain. It's also an affordable and simple way to treat joint pain which can sometimes be caused by over-worked muscles or overweightness, and ease general aches. This can vastly help improve the blood flow, reduce pain and speed up muscle recovery through the process of myofascial release.

The device targets the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds the body’s muscles and organs, because over time tissue can become rigid and stiff, leading to pain and muscle tightness known as fascial adhesions. The muscle roller can work out the fascial adhesions that lead to irritation. Think of it like a next-level deep-tissue massage, but one you can perform at home without a massage therapist.

There is a layer of tissue that covers the muscle called fascia, and there is a layer of tissue between the muscles that can sometimes get tight. When this happens, it can cause a variety of muscular pain syndromes. It is difficult to stretch out these layers on your own. Often, you have to go to a therapist for myofascial release. So, targeting the fascia is key to reducing the appearance of wrinkled skin through regular use of the roller. Fascia adhesions cause those frustrating dents and wrinkles, and that physically smoothing them out can help eradicate them for good.



- Material: PVC
- Color:  Mint Green and Grey
- Length: 43cm / 16.93'' (approximate)
- Brand New and high quality
- Eco-friendly PVC construction, safe and easy to clean
- Constructed for every day usage - tough strength in design
- Easy roller-type principle - easy to issue a simple massage
- You can do massage by yourself at any time, when watching TV or reading