Thoracic Spine Support & Posture Corrector

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The best adjustable, breathable and comfortable thoracic back brace support and posture corrector is a popular option for people suffering from back pain along with poor posture. If you experience chronic upper back pain due to bad upper body alignment from your work environment, using your phone or computer, reading and other activities, this back support and brace posture corrector is perfect for helping you solve any back, shoulder and neck problems by correcting the issue.

This support system is convenient and discreet to wear under your clothes, with its non-restrictive design and contours to the shape of your body with its adjustable straps. The thoracic spine support has built-in magnets used for magnetic therapy which helps attract blood flow to specific areas while allowing the targeted environments to heal quicker. Consistently wearing this back brace helps relieve spine pain and corrects shoulder and clavicle posture because of its strong and quality strap design. The straps are designed to effectively pull your shoulders back, forcing the body to resume its natural and correct, balanced and healthy posture. Once worn, users stated they felt an immediate effect in the way they sat, stood and performed daily and physical tasks.

Other key features:
- Sizes run from Small to XXL
- 10 high-energetic healing magnets placed along the spine and lumber region
- Non restricting uni-sex design for men and women
- Fully adjustable, comfortable, and easy to put on and wear
- Made of a soft, stretchy blend of Neoprene, and lined with soft cotton for comfort