Rose Quartz Spherical Facial Roller

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Metaphysically, the rose quartz stone corresponds to the heart chakra, the energy center of love. Precious stones have beneficial healing effects if used or worn about the body and historically speaking, facial stone-rolling has been an ancient beauty ritual dating back as far as the 7th century in China!

Natural MediSkin is excited to showcase this handmade facial roller, as it boasts a different shape than most traditional precious stone facial rollers on the market! With a spherical design, it allows you to focus on target areas that need more attention. Concentrated spot treatments can help the skin repair faster, and appear more youthful.



- Color: As shown
- Material: High Quality Rose Quartz Stone and Metal
- Size: 15.3 x 3 x 3cm
- Easy-to-glide, spherical design with a smooth application
- Note: Do not use on wounded skin tissue and do not heat the roller